Incumbents ruled the day in the board elections for the New York branch of the Screen Actors Guild.

The United Screen Actors Nationwide faction, which has dominated the New York branch’s board seats in recent years, saw all five of its incumbents re-elected in the results announced Thursday.

Winners included New York division president Mike Hodge and Maureen Donnelly, Nancy Giles, Richard Masur and Sue-Anne Morrow. Masur served two terms as national SAG prez between 1995 and 1999.

USAN’s other nine candidates won alternate seats with Manny Alfaro, Dave Bachman, Marc Baron, Justin Barrett, Andrew Dolan, Joe Narciso, Jay Potter, John Rothman and Kevin Scullin. Only one non-USAN candidate was in the running.

New York reps have about 25% of the seats on the 71-member national board. USAN has been allied with the moderate wing of the national board, which has come to dominate during the past two years with the emergence of the Unite for Strength faction in Hollywood as it has taken over for the hardline Membership First faction.

Both USAN and Unite for Strength have been strong supporters of merging SAG with the American Federation of Television & Radio Artists. SAG president Ken Howard’s focused much of his efforts toward laying the groundwork for the two unions to combine.

“This election reinforces the N.Y. members’ commitment to USAN’s efforts to bring SAG and AFTRA together to form One Union to represent everyone who works in front of a camera or a microphone,” Hodge said. “It is clear that the NY membership is solidly behind our commitment to working with AFTRA to bring about One Union to represent everyone who works in front of a camera or a microphone. There is no time to waste in achieving this vital goal.”