Charles Ferguson’s “Inside Job” kicked off the Toronto Film Festival’s documentary slate on Thursday night.

TifflogoTom Powers, the fest’s documentary programmer, introduced the pic at Ryerson theater by saying, “This is the film we want to excite you for the eleven days ahead.”

Also on hand for the screening were producer Audrey Mars and director Charles Ferguson. 

“We especially want to thank Sony Pictures Classics for having the balls to make this film,” Ferguson said.

“Inside Job,” which details the financial meltdown on Wall St., is narrated by Matt Damon and is Ferguson’s first film since his acclaimed 2007 documentary “No End in Sight.” Judging by the audience’s rapturous applause on Thursday, “Inside Job” appears to be headed for similar success.

“This is a movie that is so very important to so many people,” Mars said beforehand. “We wanted it to be as accessible as possible; from people who like Hollywood blockbusters to those who prefer indie fare.”

Sony Pictures Classics, who co-financed and is distributing, will release “Inside Job” in October.

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