‘Tamara Drewe’ draws New Yorkers

Helmer Frears gives his state of U.S. cinema address

“Tamara Drewe” helmer Stephen Frears fretted about the Sony Pictures Classics film’s appeal at Monday’s Cinema Society screening at Gotham’s Crosby Hotel.

“Can it find an audience?” he asked. “Did you watch it? Did it go well?”

At least he felt he has little competition in the U.S., saying, “They don’t make movies like they used to anymore.”

The Brit helmer was a bit down on Hollywood in general.

“I mainly see subtitled films,” he said. “I haven’t been seeing American films recently. They seem in a mess at the moment.”

Nor was he keen on the States.

“I hardly spend any time here,” he said. “I couldn’t live here. No, I don’t want to live here. I like living in England.”