After a summer perf that rivaled some of the major studios, Summit looks to bolster its 2011 slate with a pair of high-profile pics, “Source Code” and “The Three Musketeers,” set to bow April 15 and Oct. 14, respectively.

“Source Code” will follow fellow spring opener “Drive Angry,” a 3D entry toplining Nicolas Cage and launching Feb. 11, while “Musketeers” joins the distrib’s year-end lineup, with the first part in the “Twilight” finale, “Breaking Dawn,” set to hit theaters Nov. 18, 2011.

Summit had huge success this season with “Eclipse” grossing near $300 million through Labor Day weekend. Pic, which marks the first summer release for the franchise, accounted for more than 80% of Summit’s total summer market share of $365 million. Distrib narrowly missed 20th Century Fox, which totaled $379 million in market share this season.

Summit decided to revert to a Thanksgiving launch pad with its final two “Twilight” installments to avoid competing with a more- crowded summer sesh.

“Musketeers,” originally skedded for “Source’s” spring date, should fit nicely into Summit’s fall 2011 slate, especially given that “Musketeers” will be given the 3D treatment. Helmer Paul W.S. Anderson plans to shoot “Musketeers” entirely in 3D, with the pic toplining Logan Lerman, Christoph Waltz, Matthew MacFadyen and Orlando Bloom.

“Source Code” tells the story of a soldier, played by Jake Gyllenhaal, who takes part in an experimental government program. After a train bombing kills a loved one, he is forced to re-live her death in order to determine the assassin. Pic is directed by Duncan Jones (“Moon”), with Vera Farmiga and Michelle Monaghan co-starring.

In its spring date, “Source” will go up against the Weinstein Co.’s “Scream 4” and Fox’s lit adaptation “Water for Elephants.”