Two film studios — Sony Pictures Imageworks and Walt Disney — will be among the 2010 recipients of the Intl. 3D Society’s Lumiere Awards, which will be presented at Mann’s Chinese Theater in Hollywood on Oct. 19.

Kudo, the society’s highest honor, recognizes key recent accomplishments in the stereoscopic 3D medium.

Several tech companies will also be honored: 3ality Digital, Nvidia, Autodesk, In-Three, Quantel, Dolby Labs, MasterImage 3D, Sassoon Film Design and XpanD. In addition, a trophy will go to Steve Hines, inventor of Disney’s dual camera rig.

The society also announced its Gold Award recipients: Col. Robert Bernier for his pioneering work in 3D technology, Imax for its Solido dual-strip 3D camera and Iridas for its dual-stream technology.