Fanboys and fangirls got a blast from the past Saturday night at Spike’s Scream Awards in Los Angeles.

Bill Murray, accepting an award for “Zombieland,” surprised the Greek Theater crowd by dressing up in Ghostbusters attire while thesps Michael J. Fox and Christopher LLoyd also thrilled onlookers when they received a 25th anniversary kudo for “Back to the Future.”

“I”ve never been to the scream awards,” admitted Kristen Stewart backstage. “That was crazy!”

“Twilight” and fellow vampire outfit “True Blood” were also honored.

Meanwhile, the V.I.P. lounge was just as lively as the show. Spotted backstage were “Green Lantern” thesps Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively as well as presenters Halle Berry, Megan Fox, Rainn Wilson and Marilyn Manson.

The fifth annual Scream Awards, which is kinda like a Comic-Con Oscars, also featured a special tribute to Christopher Nolan (“Inception”) as well as a special perf by M.I.A.

Scream’s spooky after-party was held at The Music Box in Hollywood.