French sales house Wide Management is launching a documentary label focusing on niche titles and docus with social, historical and political themes.

Wide House, which will be at next week’s Mip TV mart in Cannes, will handle an average of 10 features and 10 made-for-TV docus per year.

Anais Clanet, Wide’s topper of international sales will run the new division and handle acquisitions.

The goal, says Clanet, will be to co-produce docus. “We’re seeking to do more pre-sales to help close financing on important titles.”

Wide Management has been selling docus for the past two years and has developed solid relationships with arthouse buyers in major territories, including First Run in the U.S. It’s also linked up with key buyers in Europe, notably New Wave in the U.K., and Fandango in Italy.

Wide’s most recent acquisitions include Ines Compan’s “Open Sky,” which centers the struggle of Argentina’s Kollas natives as they faced the construction of the Pirquitas Mine on their soil.

Wide House also has “Mine, My Life Behind the Scenes,” a docu about Mine Barral-Vergès, the French costume designer who’s worked on cabaret shows at the Moulin Rouge and the Lido.

Wide House has also acquired “Le Port de Constantinople,” a docu drama mixing live action and 3D. In post-production, the 52-minute docu is co-produced by Franco-German cultural net Arte and Canada’s CBC. It follows archaeologists searching the ruins on the banks of the Bosporus.

The French outfit’s slate also includes Jean-Paul Jaud’s “Severn, the Voice of the Children” the sequel to “That Should Not Be: Our Children Will Accuse Us,” which traveled well. “Our Children” has been pre-sold to Japan’s Uplink.