With co-stars Barry Pepper and Jon Lovitz exiting the Cinema Society screening early to head home on flights, Kevin Spacey was left to man ATO’s “Casino Jack” after-party at the Setai Fifth Avenue Hotel.

At the Thursday fete, the Jack Abramoff doppelganger took the opportunity to list his own classic pics in the political category: “All the President’s Men,” “A Face in the Crowd” and, of course, Spacey’s own HBO feature “Recount,” about Florida’s Bush-Gore recount of votes.

“If you say to people, ‘We’re making a movie about an election,’ you can hear the yawning start. But the truth is these kinds of characters, there’s something inherently funny about them,” said Spacey, who went on to plug his D.C. lobbyist-gone-bad pic. “If you allow these characters to live, maybe you’ll make a film people will want to watch rather than making a documentary.”