Naomi Watts sat down with “Fair Game” castmate Noah Emmerich at the DGA on Friday night to chat about portraying outed CIA agent Valerie Plame on the bigscreen.

“It’s hard playing someone everyone knows,” Watts admitted after the SAG screening. “With this role, Valerie was involved and on set in your peripheral vision, so it was kind of freaky but brilliant at the same time. Scary because you just want to get it right, but also great because you could check in with her and ask her, ‘How did you deal with this?’ ”

Watts initially resisted reading the script, based on Plame’s memoir of the same name. “I had just given birth. I couldn’t think about reading a script. But my friend, who sent it, said, ‘Why don’t you just read the first 10 pages.’ Then of course after 10 pages I was hooked.”