The Producers Guild of America is launching a film market for a quintet of international producers at its upcoming Produced By Conference on June 4-6 at Fox Studios.

The PGA, which made the announcement Tuesday, will select five finalists to participate in the event. Project’s dubbed the International Film Co-Production Showcase (or CoProShow) competition and will enable the producers to have one-on-one, co-production meetings with American producers.

The PGA’s touting the project as the first co-production showcase competition to be held in Los Angeles, adding that it’s aimed at aiding international producers to initiate business relationships, co-develop compelling projects and spearhead investment.

“A producer’s job inevitably must consider an increasingly inter-connected world, and the PGA is dedicated to being a gateway for international producers to the U.S. market,” said Stu Levy, Chair of the PGA’s International Committee.

The deadline for CoProShow submissions is April 30.