Ole Miss bellies up to the Ackbar

University mulls Star Wars character for new mascot

When the U. of Mississippi decided to ditch its Col. Reb mascot a few years back, the search began for a replacement, with some nontraditional contenders offered up.

Lately a group called the Ole Miss Rebel Alliance has proposed that the school adopt a famous movie rebel: Admiral Ackbar from “Star Wars: Return of the Jedi.”

Ackbar was played by puppeteer Timothy Rose, who sounds tickled by the thought of the character leading cheers at Ole Miss football games but offers some advice for those who might don the outfit.

“Drink plenty of water, for a start,” says Rose, whose current gig is building animatronics for Lady Gaga’s Monster Ball tour. “All these full bodysuit costumes, you end up losing a lot of moisture. You’ve got stay hydrated to keep from passing out.”