New rooster crows

Bridges fits in with 'True Grit' cast

As Jason Bourne, Matt Damon cemented his tough guy reputation, but when it comes to Westerns, his current co-star Jeff Bridges has staked his claim. Bridges’ perf was the talk of the Gotham preem of Paramount’s “True Grit” at the Ziegfeld.

“This is going to sound terrible, but I thought it was so hilarious when he kicked those kids after they did that to the horse,” Famke Janssen said at Tuesday’s after-party at the Four Seasons restaurant.

Bridges has big shoes to fill, inheriting a role that John Wayne rode to an Academy Award, but co-star Barry Pepper found the 2010 incarnation of Rooster Cogburn pretty convincing on a horse.

“I saw Jeff flying at me with his frock coat in the breeze with a pistol in each hand, reins between his teeth,” Pepper said. “It was inspiring to watch.” – — Lucas Shaw