Kathryn Bigelow brings out an eclectic group. On Nov. 10, Anthony Mackie, Michael Bloomberg, Patti Smith, Tony Kushner, Anna Wintour, Marina Abramovic and Jonathan and Lizzie Tisch were among the crowd gathered at MoMA to honor the Oscar-winning director of “The Hurt Locker.” Bigelow has a long relationship with the museum, going back to her days as a student painter on a Whitney scholarship in the mid-1970s when she would roam the galleries admiring all the Picassos. She recently donated her archives to the museum, and a retrospective of her works is scheduled for June 2011.

“Filmmaking is the same as drawing on the walls when you’re three,” said Bigelow.

Others found real art in the helmer’s work. Event co-chair Jodie Foster even praised Bigelow’s commitment to an artistic signature: “She is here to illuminate and help us understand male power.”