Mel Gibson can’t seem to help himself these days.

The 54 year-old’s latest antics have begun to take a toll on Summit’s upcoming drama, “The Beaver,” not to mention Gibson’s career in general.

“The Beaver,” which is directed by Jodie Foster and stars Gibson as a puppet-wielding loner, was expected to open in theaters late fall or possibly early 2011 but now I’m hearing that Summit may have to put the pic’s release on hold until they see what Gibson does next.
How long? The distributor wouldn’t comment on the story but you can be sure that Mel, the puppet-master, won’t be in a theater near you anytime soon.
The original plan was to take the film to Toronto, according to project insiders, but now that Gibson is public enemy #1 (in addition to being dropped by WME), there’s no telling when Jodie Foster’s pic will see the light of day.
“The Beaver,” which co-stars Anton Yelchtin and Jennifer Lawrence, was produced by Anonymous Content’s Steve Golin and Keith Redmon.
The script, written by Kyle Killen, topped the black list in 2008.