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With Richard Ayoade’s debut “Submarine” snagging a sale to the Weinstein Co at Toronto, it’s finally time for producer Mary Burke to emerge from the backroom at U.K.-based Warp Films and take her turn in the spotlight.

Burke, a New York native, joined Warp at its inception in 2002 as a lowly runner for topper Mark Herbert (himself a Variety Producer to Watch back in 2004). She previously worked as a copy editor in London, having married a Brit after coming to the U.K. to study.

Since then she has become a key figure in Warp’s evolution into one of Blighty’s most innovative production outfits, with a particular skill at finding quirky material and nurturing new talent. She helped Shane Meadows develop “This Is England,” and became a full-fledged producer on “A Complete History of My Sexual Failures” and “The Bunny and the Bull.”

“You have to trust your instincts to see what’s special about the talent you work with. We’re just facilitating their dreams,” she says.

Next up she’s working on Peter Strickland’s soph project “Barbarian Sound Studio” and Paul Wright’s debut “Seaside Stories.”

At $3 million, “Submarine” is the most expensive project she’s yet produced, but she admits to hankering after a larger canvas. “It seems like we’re in a good position at Warp to take it to the next level,” she says. “My ambitions definitely are a lot bigger than the scale we have been working on so far.”

Age: 32
Provenance: New York
Inspired by: Paul Thomas Anderson. “In my dream world I’d be making films with someone like PTA, working with a great director in the way that Joanne Sellar does with him.”
Web: warp.net/films