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Fresh off the plane in Germany, Logan Lerman says Berlin is the farthest he’s ever gone for a role.

The actor, in Europe filming the latest adaptation of Alexandre Dumas’ novel “The Three Musketeers,” in which he plays D’Artagnan, is no stranger to travel. Since he was a young boy, Lerman has lived in New Mexico, Florida and New York, among other locales, in order to pursue his dream. And getting to star alongside Milla Jovovich and Orlando Bloom in the Paul W.S. Anderson flick is a big part of that dream.

Lerman first debuted on the big screen as Mel Gibson’s youngest son in “The Patriot” in 2000. The pic grossed over $100 million at the B.O. and preceded his next Gibson pic, Nancy Meyers’ “What Women Want,” also released that year. Since then, Lerman has juggled school and the spotlight, a careful balancing act required of any rising young star.

The star of box-office hit “Percy Jackson & the Olympians,” Lerman, who only just graduated from Beverly Hills High School in June, has spent the past four years alternating between having a typical high school experience and learning through an on-set tutor. He adds, though, that much of his education was garnered on film sets. It’s hard to say whether World War II strategies or advanced algebra will resonate with him later in life, but filmmaking 101 surely will.

After begging his parents to let him start acting at a young age, Lerman landed a role on “Jack and Bobby,” a 2004-05 TV series from the former WB that garnered strong reviews but few viewers.

“I don’t think many people saw it, he recalls, “but it was just the best learning experience.”

Learning, among other things, that his real passions lay in film, Lerman became determined to soak up everything he could about moviemaking. Looking long into the future, the thesp includes Clint Eastwood and other actor-director multihyphenates that have inspired him to one day go behind the camera.

“I’d really like to teeter in and out of everything that goes into making a film,” he says.

Lerman, whose parents both work in the medical field, says his family has been incredibly supportive. The trek to Germany is the first trip he’s made without his mother, who also acts as his manager.

Up next, Lerman is slated to play Charlie in “Perks of Being a Wallflower,” slated for a 2011 release. And, after two months training for the “Musketeers” fight scenes, Lerman is far-sighted about any nicks and cuts he might take with him.

“When you look at that scar, you can say, ‘Oh, that was from that period of my life when I was doing that cool thing,’ ” he says.

LUCKY BREAK: “I don’t really look around and say, ‘I’ve made it.’ I just look around and think how fortunate I am to work with the people I’m working with.”
FAVORITE FILMS: “Network,” “Fight Club”