Legende mad for ‘Rasputin’

Producer backs Roselyn Bosch pic

Alain Goldman’s Legende, producer of “La Vie en rose,” Martin Scorsese’s “Casino” and Ridley Scott’s “1492,” will produce the $25 million “Rasputin — the Healer.”

The English-language “Rasputin” is directed by Roselyn Bosch, who also scripted.

Pic follows the success of “The Roundup,” which Bosch wrote and directed. “The Roundup” has grossed more than $21 million to date in France, making it one of the three highest-grossing French movies of 2010.

Goldman said he hoped “Rasputin” would have a similar production structure to “The Roundup,” which was co-produced with Gaumont. “Rasputin” will be a European production.

Goldman said “Rasputin” will focus on two years in the life of charismatic monk Grigori Rasputin, who dominated the court of pre-Revolution Russia. Set at the St. Petersberg royal court, “Rasputin” aims to capture the complexity of Rasputin’s character.

“He was promiscuous, religious, a healer,” said Goldman. “It’s also an incredible setting, the most powerful country of the time, Russia, on the verge of revolution, which the Tsar doesn’t see coming.”

The movie will be delivered fall 2011, Goldman added.

Legende is also moving forward with Nicholas Pileggi-penned “The Brothers,” written by Pileggi, who was co-writer on “Casino.”

Pic will is based on the life story of Harry and Jack Warner, their creation of Warner Bros. and the siblings’ struggle for power.

Meanwhile, Louis Armstrong biopic “What a Wonderful World,” to be directed by and toplining Forest Whitaker, will start shooting in April 2011.