Anne-Marie Johnson will not be running for re-election as first veep of the Screen Actors Guild, she said in a letter to guild members on Wednesday.

Announcement came just a few days after Membership First, the SAG faction to which Johnson belongs, lost major traction in the guild to competish Unite for Strength in this year’s election. Unite for Strength took all 13 of Membership First’s open seats (Daily Variety, Sept. 24).

“This is my last letter as SAG’s 1st vice president,” Johnson’s letter opens. “For some, the end of my term as chairwoman of the largest and most prolific division of Screen Actors Guild will be a joyous day. Hopefully there will be others who won’t feel the same.”

Johnson is ankling her post at a time when the guild is looking to merge with AFTRA to form a single performers’ union.

“The anti-union movement … has successfully weakened not only the power of unions, but the pride and determination that were once natural by-products of calling oneself a ‘union member,'” Johnson said. “Am I the only one who used to tear up with pride when the old ‘Look for the Union Label’ commercial aired on television? Those days are long gone.”