Jerry Garcia’s estate has distanced itself from the biopic of the iconic musician that is being produced by Eric Eisner and Bona Fide partners Albert Berger and Ron Yerxa.

Grateful Dead Prods. and the Jerry Garcia estate issued a statement Wednesday asserting that they are not involved in the film and won’t license songs for it. According to a source, it’s probable that producers will use songs that Garcia covered in his early days.

Amir Bar-Lev, director of docu “The Tillman Story,” recently signed to direct from a Topper Lilien screenplay about Garcia’s early life before joining the band that made him a household name. Film is based on the Robert Greenfield book “Dark Star,” an oral history of Garcia from family, friends and colleagues.

“We want to make clear that neither Grateful Dead Prods. nor the Jerry Garcia Family LLC are in any way working with — or are in any other way affiliated with — the supposed upcoming Amir Bar-Lev-directed biopic about Jerry Garcia,” the statement said. “We will not be licensing any recordings from Grateful Dead or Jerry Garcia’s music library for this production, nor will we provide the producer/director with access to any Garcia family members.”

Garcia co-founded the band in 1965 and was lead guitar player, songwriter and one of its vocalists until his death in August 1995.