High court’s unkind cut

Danish director restored final say, salary

A storm is brewing in Denmark regarding the director’s right to final cut.

On Monday the country’s highest court ordered producer Regner Grasten to pay helmer Morten Lorentzen 187,500 Danish kroner ($30,000) in damages after Grasten made changes to 2006’s “The Crumbs — A Very Crumby Christmas,” which altered its tone and color. He also cut Lorentzen’s salary.

On Wednesday Danish directors welcomed the ruling, claiming it ensures their right to final cut.

“The high court has established the director’s artistic freedom,” said Sandra Piras, head of the secretariat at the Danish Film Directors org.

Klaus Hansen from the Danish Producers’ Assn. disagrees. “This was a decision in this specific case,” he said. “There is nothing fundamental about it.”

However, he warned, “In future, we have to advise our members to be very precise in their deals with directors.”