Goetz exits OTX for Screen Engine

Focus group guru launches own market research firm

Kevin Goetz has ankled research and marketing firm OTX to launch competing firm Screen Engine.

New company will offer an array of services and products, including test screening research, exit polling and qualitative analysis, along with custom research and marketing of products.

Screen Engine will transcend the boundaries of data collection and allow me to focus entirely on what I do best, which is to partner with studios and filmmakers to identify ways to best leverage their films so that they achieve maximum success at the box office,” Goetz said.

A 23-year veteran of the biz, Goetz points to his track record as a preeminent focus group moderator. He’s led test screenings on dozens of films, including “Slumdog Millionaire,” “Wedding Crashers,” “Titanic” and “Fatal Attraction.”

In addition to OTX, Screen Engine will compete against established players NRG and MarketCast (which is owned by Daily Variety parent Reed Business Information).

Goetx worked at NRG before coming to OTX, where he rose to the position of Motion Picture Group president.