‘Funeral’ party to die for

Chris Rock, Eddie Murphy on hand for comedy bow

At Monday’s Cinerama Dome preem for “Death at a Funeral,” star-producer Chris Rock said, “every black person not in a Tyler Perry movie is in this one.”

Adding to the cast on hand were guests Eddie Murphy, Arsenio Hall, Cedric the Entertainer, LA Reid, Marlon Wayans and Barry Bonds. (Both director Neil LaBute and former SKE creative affairs prexy Bingham Ray did not attend. Both are said to be superstitious about attending premieres.)

Though the cast was mostly African-American, Screen Gems topper Clint Culpepper said he’s “trying to destroy the ridiculous myth of ‘black movies.’ There are stories and some star white people and some star black people. And the best star both. All stories are universal.”

Producer Bill Horberg, who also made the pic’s 2007 Brit version, said the experience of doing the film twice was “like having a repertory theater company and putting on the same play three years later with different actors.”