Eat Sleep ‘Howl’

Franco puts in facetime for Ginsberg pic bows

James Franco grabbed a popcorn dinner Wednesday for the IFC Center preem of Oscilloscope’s “Howl.” Despite having class at Yale earlier in the day, the star arrived in style – Gucci, of course – and on time for the Gotham event. He even took time to salute some fans with cameras. “Look, the police officers are taking pictures,” he said, before comparing the film’s phallic animation sequences depicting Allen Ginsberg’s poetry to his own short, “Dicknose in Paris.” (For the record, Franco says they are very different.)

New York

Rob Epstein, who wrote and directed the biopic with Jeffrey Friedman, found his star to be the ultimate movie trouper, who also juggles artwork and graduate degrees.

“Franco gets his sleep in his makeup chair,” said Epstein. “But he was always on time.”