Duo launch Ohlmeyer Kusserow Group

Sons of iconic sports figures set up shop

Chris Ohlmeyer and Lou Kusserow have formed their own TV shingle.

The pair, sons of iconic sports television figures Don Ohlmeyer and Lou Kusserow, respectively, will not only focus on sports, but general entertainment, documentary and Internet content.

Ohlmeyer Kusserow Group will be based in Austin.

“The goal with OKG is to provide high-quality productions at affordable prices,” Ohlmeyer said. “In the current marketplace, there is a need for packagers who can deliver network quality without the network pricetag.”

Ohlmeyer produced the British Open from 2007-09 and Turner and ESPN, as well as many other golf tournaments. He’s also directed college basketball and soccer for the net.

Kusserow comes to OKG after spending three years at Winnercomm, serving as exec producer and heading both remote and original productions. Prior to joining Winnercomm, Kusserow spent 10 years with ESPN as a producer and director.

Don Ohlmeyer, a protege of ABC icon Roone Arledge, ran NBC’s sports division in the late 1970s and early ’80s, and returned in the ’90s as president of the West Coast division. The senior Lou Kusserow was a college football star at Columbia U. before moving on to become a TV pioneer in the early days of NBC Sports.