Affleck_boffo_new Warner Bros. hosted a special screening of “The Town” Thursday night at the DGA Theater in Hollywood.

Director Ben Affleck introduced the film, inviting producers Chay Carter and Basil Iwanyk on stage as well as star Jeremy Renner.

“As an actor, he anchored this movie,” Affleck said of Renner. “He does the kind of things in this movie that only the highest level of performers can achieve.”

Thetownposter_boffo Affleck also thanked WB’s worldwide marketing czar Sue Kroll for preventing the film from becoming “a tree falling in the woods.”

“We worked with a number of wonderful people at Warner Bros.,” Affleck added. “I was like ‘Don’t you have Harry Potter somewhere? Why are you all standing around here??”

The screening was followed by a cocktail reception in the DGA lobby.

Guests included Eva Longoria Parker, Tony Parker and Kevin Smith.

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