Twenty years after it raced out of theaters, “Days of Thunder” is proving fashionable.

Apparel-maker Ripple Junction has designed a line of men’s T-shirts, based on the actioner that starred Tom Cruise as a Nascar driver, that will be sold exclusively in Kohl’s department stores this spring.

The T-shirts feature slogans like “Rubbin’ Is Racin'” and “You Can’t Outrun the Thunder.”

The T-shirt deal isn’t that random.

Paramount plans to roll out a number of licensing pacts around the film this year to celebrate its two-decade anniversary, including downloadable videogames on various platforms that will be available this summer.

“Retro properties are all the rage, especially in graphic T-shirts,” says Darren Kyman, executive director of marketing and retail development for Paramount Pictures. ” ‘Days of Thunder’ is a timeless racing film that has maintained a strong following 20 years after its theatrical release.”

The irony is that the film raced through theaters with $83 million domestically and $158 million worldwide — more like super-unleaded that fuel-injected blockbuster numbers. It’s best known for the pic that paired up Cruise with Nicole Kidman.