Colifilms picks up ‘Boogie’ for France

Argentine animated film is hard-boiled gangster satire

Mima Fleurent’s Colifilms has taken all French rights to Argentine 2D/3D toon feature “Boogie el aceitoso.”

Colifilms’ acquisition comes as the pic’s producer, Buenos Aires’ Illusion Studios, has boarded “Top Cat,” the latest toon from Mexican animation studio Anima.

Directed by Argentina’s Gustavo Cova, “Boogie” is a hard-boiled gangster satire turning on a laughably psychotic ex-Vietnam vet.

“Boogie” boasts 2D characters and 3D backgrounds. Colifilms will roll the film out in France starting Nov. 17 on 120 prints, half in 3D. The deal with Colifilms was struck by “Boogie’s” sales agent, L.A.-based Vision Films.

With its French licensing deal, “Boogie” has sold to nearly 10 territories, including CIS; Mexico, where it was bought by publishing house Proceso; and Argentina, where it was released theatrically by Distribution Co., Gaston Cami, Illusion’s head of international relations, said at the American Film Market.

On “Top Cat,” Illusion will co-produce with Anima, carrying out part of the animation work, Cami said. Warner Bros. Mexico has a first option on worldwide rights to “Cat,” which is based on the 1960s Hanna-Barbera toon.

“Top Cat” reps the second pic in a three-title co-production deal between Illusion and Anima, which co-produced Illusion’s “Gaturro.” The third title is still to be decided, said Cami.

“Cat” will be ready for delivery next September.

“Gaturro,” Cova’s follow-up to “Boogie” and Latin America’s first fully 3D toon pic, has sold 410,000 tix in Argentina — about $2 million in box office — an upbeat result for a local toon feature in Argentina.

Sold by Voltage Pics, and screening at AFM, “Gaturro” is produced by Illusion, Anma and India’s Toonz.

It has sold to top Mexican indie distributor Quality Films, which will release it in Mexico in April.