Classic crowds flood Hollywood

TCM fest makes Tinseltown feel like small town

For four fun days, the TCM Classic Film Festival made Hollywood feel like a small town again.

Film lovers from far-flung points around the world swarmed the four-block area where fest events unspooled, all within walking distance of its hub at the Hollywood Roosevelt. The opening-night bash at Kress on Thursday night set the tone for a long weekend of movie lovers enjoying the company of kindred spirits and an impressive array of talent and creatives responsible for some of filmdom’s finest hours.

Among the highlights was Saturday’s screening at the Egyptian of Harold Lloyd’s 1923 hit “Safety Last” complete with a 12-piece orchestra directed by Robert Israel. Suzanne Lloyd was on hand to introduce the film, noting that it starred both her grandfather and her grandmother, Mildred Davis, who met on a movie set and later married.

Audience included the Nebraska Coast Connection donning Lloyd’s famous spectacles. The Hollywood-based group was on hand to support the legacy of Lloyd, who was born in Nebraska in 1893.