Christopher Lloyd’s returning to the topic that made him a star, signing to appear in an Imax film tentatively titled “Time, the Fourth Dimension,” produced by 3D Entertainment Films.

3D’s Jean-Jacques Mantello (“OceanWorld 3D”) and Richard Gabai (“Insight”) will co-direct “Time,” with a release set for spring 2012.

Much as he did in the “Back to the Future” trilogy, Lloyd will portray an eccentric professor who will explore and explain various dimensions with a focus on space-time.

Pic will include a variety of 3D filmmaking techniques, including special effects, computer-generated images as well as time-lapse and high-speed photography.

“Time, the Fourth Dimension” will have a running time of about 45 minutes. It’s part of 3D Entertainment Distribution’s recently announced plan to offer 3D films for Imax exhibitors, to be launched next summer with “Air Racers 3D: Forces of Flight” and “Patagonia Wilderness 3D” next fall.