Bullish for ‘Wall Street’

Oliver Stone, Michael Douglas hit premiere

It’s a trading floor! It’s a run on the bank! No, it’s the after-party for Oliver Stone’s “Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps,” which filled Cipriani 42nd St. to capacity on Monday. The marble-columned hall of the former Bowery Savings Bank provided an apropos setting for Fox’s money-minded sequel, where execs like 20th prez of production Emma Watts mingled with guests at the opulent shindig, which featured (appropriate to the film) 14-year-old single malt scotch at the open bar.

Stone said the new movie came out of the news of the day. “If I’d wanted to do a sequel to ‘Wall Street,’ I would have done it in the 1990s, when people remembered it and could have appreciated it. Now you really have to go back and re-establish it,” he said.

After the screening at the Ziegfeld, co-star Carey Mulligan said she hung out with MoveOn.org’s Laura Dawn by way of research: “The two months that I knew her was really my drive for the film. So I got to know her and the boys did the Wall Street stuff, which I stayed well clear of.”