The best of British movie talent braved frozen London on Sunday for the 13th British Independent Film Awards.

“The King’s Speech” won five, including the top prize.

In her supporting-actress coronation, Helena Bonham Carter spoke of pic partner Colin Firth: “Colin probably thought I shouldn’t get this — he always thought I was being dreadfully unsupportive.”

Firth, winning for best actor, didn’t forget his costar: “to Bonham Carter, for her extraordinary lack of support… which I will never forget!”

Liam Neeson received this year’s Variety Award, presented by longtime friend Ralph Fiennes. Neeson bolstered support for Brit indies with a selfless offer: “On behalf of Ralph and myself, I want to open myself up to more independent films. I’m prepared to reduce my fee from $20 million to 15!” Fiennes discreetly left his indie fee available on request. – — Helen Jackson