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BAFTA’s boozy bash

Post kudos Brits party late into the night

While ostensibly a celebration of cinema, Sunday’s BAFTA awards served as a wonderfully long, alcohol-soaked party that went on until sometime around 4 a.m.

The award presentation began at the Royal Opera House, a 278-year-old baroque masterpiece in central London; kicked off with remarks from new BAFTA prexy Prince William; then moved to the Grosvenor hotel for a BevHilton-style dinner.

Afterward, what seemed like an entire floor of the hotel’s conference rooms were used for perhaps a dozen parties — one with a large dance floor and adjacent smaller affairs sponsored by the likes of Fox and Icon.

Perhaps the parties went so late because the crowd was unwilling to face the weather awaiting them outside. “It’s worth the price of admission to see all those people from Hollywood when the limo door opens,” said BAFTA topper David Parfitt. “And then they’re hit with an arctic blast.”