Tamara Drewe” brought an idyllic scene to a dark and damp Leicester Square on Sept. 6, for the film’s U.K. premiere.

Helmer Stephen Frears moseyed up the pastorally fringed red carpet, alongside the pic’s Brit pack, including lead talent Gemma Arterton and Dominic Cooper.

After a stint of Hollywood blockbusters, like the James Bond pic “Quantum of Solace,” Arterton was enthused to be working on somewhat smaller fare. “Filming in one of the most beautiful parts of England, with one of the best living directors and with wonderful material, it was a dream job,” said the erstwhile Strawberry Fields.

Creator and cartoonist Posy Simmonds was in attendance to see her conception transposed from a broadsheet comicstrip to the bigscreen, in a modern reworking of Thomas Hardy’s “Far From the Madding Crowd.” – — Helen Jackson