Before the Cinema Society’s Tuesday screening of “You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger” at MOMA, the pic’s helmer was anxious for the Sony Pictures Classics film to begin so he could get to the eating portion of the evening.

“What would I want to see the film again for?” Woody Allen asked. “There’s no point. I’ve already seen it a million times. It would be like taking a sleeping pill, and I don’t want anyone to see me fall asleep at my own premiere.”

If he was caught sleeping, the 74-year-old would have a good excuse: Helmer and cast had just returned from promoting pic at the Toronto Film Fest.

Before taking wife Soon-Yi to dinner, Allen explained why he felt obliged to promote his pic one last time before its release next week.

“I do (the red carpet) because it allegedly helps the distributors. Although I don’t think it really does,” he opined. “Then after I eat dinner I’ll show up at  the Lambs Club party and feign enjoyment.”