Sam Worthington is determined not to let a year he calls “eye-opening and a completely fabulous trip” go to his head. “No movie will ever (be) the experience of ‘Avatar’ or even come close to it,” he acknowledges.

For the erstwhile bricklayer from Down Under who “never wanted to be an actor,” stardom is the new reality. Yet his mantra remains elemental: “Every movie comes down to a director and a world you want to go to.”

As for his part in the moviemaking process: “This is my job, and it’s real unique. With any kind of movie, though, no matter what level, essentially you have to go to work and pay the rent.”

His three movies this year reflect that belief, beginning with “Clash of the Titans,” the 1981 cult classic that has morphed into a 3-D spectacle.

“A lot of people grew up with that movie when they were 7 or 10. We ramped it up,” he explains. “When I saw some mockup artwork and a lot of giant scorpions and me running in with a rubber sword, I thought it should be a fabulous experience for my 9-year-old nephew. It’s a fun Saturday morning popcorn movie.”

In limited release is Worthington’s infidelity drama “Last Night” with Keira Knightley, which he calls, “a minuet. More like a little chamber piece.”

At year’s end, the actor plays a young version of Ciaran Hinds in “The Debt,” a thriller, which also stars Helen Mirren. Worthington calls it “a phenomenal movie.”