No additional candidates have joined the 18 already battling for eight board slots for the Writers Guild of America West.

The guild announced the final list Friday, a month after the 18 candidates approved by its nominating committee were disclosed. Other candidates could have emerged via petition but none did so.

Showrunners Matthew Weiner of “Mad Men,” David Shore of “House” and Christopher Keyser of “Lonestar” are among the nominees along with incumbents David A. Goodman (“Family Guy”), Mark Gunn, Katherine Fugate (“Valentine’s Day”), Karen Harris, Kathy Kiernan and Aaron Mendelson.

Other candidates are Robin Schiff, Cheryl Heuton, Timothy J. Lea, Mick Betancourt (“Law and Order: SVU”), Erich Hoeber (“Battleship”), Erica Montolfo (“The Game”), Matt Pyken (“NCIS: Los Angeles”), Naomi Foner (“Bee Season”) and Steve Skrovan (“Everybody Loves Raymond”).

The guild will host a candidates night town hall forum at its headquarters Sept. 7, and announce election results Sept. 17. The elections usually draw roughly 20% participation from the 9,000 members.

With the WGA’s contract expiring May 1, results of the voting will be closely scrutinized. WGA West voters narrowly elected John Wells last fall over Elias Davis in what was seen as a turn toward moderation following the four-year tenure of WGA West president Patric Verrone — highlighted by the bitter 100-day strike of 2007-08.

Verrone was termed out of the presidency last year, but received the most votes of any board candidate. He and his allies have retained control of that panel, including VP Tom Schulman, secretary-treasurer and current board members Goodman, Howard A. Rodman and Dan Wilcox.