Frida Torresblanco, the former head of Alfonso Cuaron’s Esperanto label who produced Guillermo del Toro’s “Pan’s Labyrinth,” Carlos Cuaron’s “Rudo y Cursi” and other hits, has launched Braven Films.

The new Gotham-based shingle kicks off with $6 million in private backing. First project is Spanish-language biopic “Trevi,” based on the true-life story of singer Gloria Trevi.

“The Lord of the Rings” alum Barrie Osborne and Torresblanco will produce.

Swiss-born scribe Christian Keller, who resides in Mexico and has pursued and developed the Trevi story for seven years, will make the biopic his directorial debut. Mexican scribe Sabina Berman has co written the script with Keller. Plans are to shoot on location in Mexico and possibly Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Although their inaugural project is Latin-themed and in Spanish, “Braven intends to produce mostly English-language films for the U.S. and international market,” said Torresblanco.

Torresblanco’s partners at Braven include Eric Laufer, Giovanna Randall and Joseph Swiader, the shingle’s head of business development, and model Eugenia Silva. Laufer and Randall serve as the main investors of Braven, with Silva also serving as both investor and artistic advisor.

The story of Gloria Trevi, who is known as the Mexican Madonna, will explore the controversial figure whose sociopolitical music was overshadowed by her prison sentence in Brazil on charges helping to brainwash aspiring young singers and turn them into sex slaves.