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Todd Vradenburg started working at non-profit orgs from the moment he left college. He had a two-year stint as a marketing exec in private companies Lego and Pro Sports Publishers, but the siren call was too strong.

“I thought I’d get back into nonprofits in my 50s but got pulled back in sooner,” he says.

As executive director of the Will Rogers Motion Picture Pioneers Foundation, Vradenburg is credited with establishing the charity as a recognizable brand in the biz, spearheading an increase of more than 400% in income, services and assets.

With the current economic malaise, the charity for entertainment pros in need has become even more relevant. “Requests for aid went up 13% in the ’08-’09 period, he says. “On average, we help 80 people a month, both long term and short.”

Some 90% of the people they help are dealing with health issues, he adds.

“What makes Todd so special is that he is so giving to everyone he meets,” says Rory Bruer, president of worldwide distribution at Sony Pictures.

“He is truly one of the most generous individuals I have ever had the privilege of knowing.”