‘The Shadow’ disappears into the night

Sony lets rights lapse; Raimi project in turnaround

Not even “The Shadow” knows his next home.

Sony has let the film rights to the seminal crime-fighting vigilante lapse, so the Sam Raimi-produced project has gone into turnaround. CAA, which reps Raimi, is preparing to shop the rights, with Raimi attached to produce. One possible suitor is 20th Century Fox.

Created for radio in the 1930s, the Shadow has psychic powers. Character spawned comicstrips, graphic novels, vidgames, TV shows and at least five features, including the 1994 Universal pic starring Alec Baldwin.

Sony was the next major to pursue “The Shadow,” optioning the film rights in 2006.

Raimi has long been interested in “The Shadow.” He tried to get the rights in the late 1980s, but couldn’t so he created his own superhero and made the film “Darkman.”