Financing-distribution shingle Tayrona Entertainment has boosted its P&A fund to $80 million from $30 million for Latin America, aimed at elevating the shingle to a studio-level presence in that market.

Tayrona’s also partnering with Wesley Snipes’ production company, Maandi Media Entertainment, to produce the $80 million 3D family action adventure film, “Chronicles of the Mayan Tunnel,” with production in the spring and a projected release date at Christmas 2012.

“Tunnel” is based on Raul Julia-Levy’s soon-to-be-published novel about four children who journey back to the Mayan culture of Mexico in the 16th Century and must save their modern world from the destructive prophesies foretold by the Mayans more than 500 years ago.

Cast will include Snipes, who will also produce along with James Ordonez of Tayrona, Ed Elbert and Julia-Levy. Jose Antonio Ruiz-Diez, chairman and founder of Tayrona, will exec produce with Tayrona production exec Sheila M. McCarthy.

Tayrona said it was aware of Snipes’ current legal concerns regarding convictions on failure to file federal income tax. “We are confident that everything will be resolved in a positive manner and that Mr. Snipes will join the production as scheduled,” Ordonez said.

Tayrona said the funds will enable it to distribute releases in 31 Latin American territories on more than 1,000 screens.

Projects committed for Tayrona include “Silver Cord,” produced by Mark Canton and directed by James Ordonez; “Six Days Dark” for Serbian Hollydan Works; “Havana Heat,” starring Zulay Henao, Lorena Rincon, Nicholas Brown and Michael Dudikoff; and “Nest of Lies,” directed by Mikael Salomon and produced by Ed Elbert.

Tayrona’s co-financing and co-producing horror thriller “Six Days Dark” for release in Latin America early next year while Hollydan Works will distribute in Eastern Europe. Pic is currently shooting in Serbia and centers on an adulterous young woman who falls under a gypsy curse.

Tayrona has offices in Los Angeles, Miami, Toronto, Mexico City, Cartagena, Caracas and Madrid.