Summit’s night to ‘Remember’

'Twilight' star Pattinson draws fans to arthouse film

Summit Entertainment’s latest drama, “Remember Me,” looks and sounds like an indie pic expecting arthouse B.O., but the flocks of screaming teens (and quite a few of their mothers) begged to differ with that assessment at the film’s Gotham preem Monday at the Paris Theater. Fans arrived with cameras, pens and copies of “Twilight” books for “Remember Me” star Robert Pattinson, whose vampire franchise co-star Kristen Stewart was also on hand.

“Robert helped everyone feel comfortable about the box office potential, but it wasn’t a situation where you were trying to cast money,” said scribe Will Fetters at the Plaza Hotel after-party. Fetters said Pattinson was cast in the pic before “Twilight” tapped the box office vein.

New York-centric film appealed to Gothamite and helmer Allen Coulter, whom Fetters credits with supplying much of the pic’s authenticity.

“It’s kind of an old-time script,” said the movie’s Chris Cooper, who chose it because of “a good word” from wife Marianne Leone, who worked with Coulter on “The Sopranos.” “It’s character-driven and touched on themes that are pretty universal, but, oddly enough, I hadn’t seen them dealt with lately. The idea of working to get beyond the petty angers and frustrations with people before it’s too late — that’s what I came away with when I read it. And I like that.”