Warner Bros.’ Sunday premiere of “Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’hoole” appealed to both kids and adults as the studio virtually closed down Hollywood Boulevard in front of the Chinese, converting the area into a woodland fair.

Adults were able to schmooze per usual, though wrangling kids made owl-like reflexes a necessity.

Pic’s director Zack Snyder and producer-wife Deborah still had to perform red carpet duties while their kids enjoyed the event. “They’re in there somewhere,” said the helmer, nodding at the veritable forest. “Who knows what they’re up to.”

As for the director’s previous R-rated helming credits (“300,” “Watchmen”), Snyder said the idea for kid-friendly “Legend” came early on in his career. “Even though it seems like I’ve made all these crazy adult films, for me, in my chronology, it makes sense.”