Planning out a young career that already includes “Big Love,” “Mamma Mia!” and “Dear John” only looks easy.

“The hardest part is making choices,” says Amanda Seyfried. “Choosing your next project is so much harder than I imagined. Especially when you’re younger and you have to take hold of that career before it disappears. It’s difficult to maintain any kind of status in Hollywood. It’s really frustrating but it’s true.”
For example, Seyfried’s 2009 assignment “Chloe” was one that her publicist and mother warned her against due to the extensive nudity. Seyfried instead listened to her agent, who said, “This is a really good role that’s hard to find at your age.”

Seyfried agrees: “The psycho dramatic roles are so important at this age.”
Her May release is the Shakespeare-inspired “Letters to Juliet,” a film that Seyfried calls, “a romantic movie, not a romantic comedy.” Best of all, “Letters” fit neatly into her childhood obsession with the Claire Danes-Leonardo DiCaprio “Romeo + Juliet.”

“That movie brought me into this world,” she says of the “R&J” tale. “I would stand at the mirror as a kid, and I would rewrite the whole William Shakespeare script. I’d say it out loud as Claire Danes.”