Sheldon Turner, who spent the weekend collecting top screenwriting prizes at the Writers Guild Awards and BAFTA for adapting “Up in the Air,” is ready to “Kiss and Tell” at Universal Pictures.

Scribe will produce the romantic comedy, based on a pitch by Dax Shelby and Robert Stevens, about a woman who discovers she has the power to see exactly how a long-term relationship will unfold with a man after kissing him.

Turner, who recently adapted the videogame “InFamous” for Sony, will produce with Jennifer Klein. The two are also shepherding “Man Camp” and “Paths of Glory” at Sony, as well as “Two Minutes to Midnight” at Fox.

Shelby and Stevens, who are repped by Madhouse Entertainment, have penned “A Family Affair,” set up at New Line; “A College Experience,” at Warner Bros.; and Disney’s “Off the Chain.”Project is one of the first that Debbie Liebling has picked up since becoming president of production at Universal. The studio’s VP of production Kristen Lowe will oversee the project for the studio.