Jett set crowd in Hollywood

'Runaways' premiere draws eclectic crowd

It was a case of Sundance/indie (low-budget film with packed after-party) meeting punk/nostalgia (black leather pants on 50ish women) when “The Runaways” bowed Thursday at the ArcLight.

This combo of ’70s survivors mixing with execs trying to survive in the indie film biz isn’t common on the premiere circuit. Both had good reason to drink liberally at the party.

The main chatter was about how an earlier era saw such rampant teenage wildness. As Apparition topper Bob Berney put it: “you can’t believe that in the ’70s, 15-year-olds were completely on the loose.” “Rock ‘n’ roll has always been about walking on the wild side,” said producer Art Linson. “This is young girls walking on the wild side. And there’s a price to be paid.” One woman, who attended the premiere with her own teenage daughter, saw the pic this way: “It’s about completely failed parenting.”