Mark Protosevich, who brought the Norse god Thor to life for Marvel Studios, will make “Freakshow” his next comicbook adaptation, and is eyeing the property as a potential directing vehicle.

The scribe has paired with Sheldon Turner and Jennifer Klein to produce the project. He will pen the script, based on the upcoming book that David Server and Jackson Lanzing created, with art from Joe Suitor, an illustrator at Marvel Comics.

The property, which independent imprint Ape Entertainment will publish as a three-issue miniseries in January, revolves around five young protagonists who are turned into mutants by a cataclysmic chemical explosion and must decide whether to use their newfound powers to save the city or exact revenge on those responsible after the world’s only superhero is killed.

Title will be promoted by Ape at this week’s Comic-Con confab in San Diego, where advance issues of the book will be sold.

“In terms of experiencing moments of creative inspiration, reading ‘Freakshow’ was like being struck by lightning,” Protosevich said. “Weird, exciting, unsettling lightning. David and Jack created a rich, emotional superhero story, but one that’s infused with elements of science fiction, post-apocalyptic action, and horror. For me, an irresistible combination. Plus, Joe’s artwork is absolutely stunning. I knew instantly that it had to be a movie, but more than that, I knew I wanted to be the one who makes it.”

Because the book is self-published, its creators were able to set up the film rights on their own. Move is becoming more common when it comes to comicbooks, given how they’re increasingly used to set up movies and TV shows, rather than stand alone as major revenue generators.

Klein was introduced to the book by Server, who had worked as an intern at her production shingle Apartment 3B Prods.

Klein, who has paired with Turner on a number of projects set up around town, will produce “Freakshow” with Protosevich. Manager Ray Miller will exec produce.

Before adapting Marvel’s “Thor,” which launches next summer’s movie sesh, Protosevich wrote “I Am Legend” and “Poseidon” for Warner Bros., and “The Cell,” which he co-produced at New Line. He’s also tackling “Mass Effect,” based on the videogame, for Legendary Pictures.

Turner was co-nommed for an Oscar for adapting “Up in the Air.” He is set to make his directing bow on the thriller “By Virtue Fall,” which Nicolas Chartier will finance and produce as his follow up to “The Hurt Locker.” Turner penned the script and will produce.

Turner and Klein are also co-producing a number of projects that have been set up at various studios, including the romantic comedy “Kiss and Tell” at Universal and “Man Camp” at Sony. They’re also producing “Paths of Glory” at Sony, “Orbit” at Fox 2000 and “Two Minutes to Midnight” at Fox, all of which Turner wrote.