Emma Stone: Appeal is ‘Easy’ to see

Comedy Impact Report 2010: Bigscreen Bigshots

The most memorable scene in late-summer sleeper “Easy A” finds Emma Stone attempting to save her gay friend’s reputation by ruining her own, pretending to have extremely loud, bed-shaking sex with him at a house party. “That scene was a large reason I wanted to do the movie, but shooting it was difficult,” admits Stone, whose profile has skyrocketed since her 2007 bigscreen debut in “Superbad.” “I’m not a physical actor, so I struggle with that side of filming, just like the running-and-shooting in ‘Zombieland’ — not my strong suits.”

Whatever awkwardness Stone experienced only makes her that much more appealing: Those two unconventional comedies grossed a combined $170 million worldwide. Proof of Stone’s rising stock is landing the role of Peter Parker’s classmate crush Gwen Stacy in the upcoming “Spider-Man” reboot. Before that, Stone will appear opposite Steve Carell in the family comedy “Crazy, Stupid, Love,” then take a dramatic turn in hot literary adaptation “The Help.”

“For most of my childhood, when I was doing theater, it was all comedy,” recalls Stone, who realized a lifelong dream this fall by hosting “Saturday Night Live,” “but when I got my first dramatic role, I fell in love with that as well. I am not picky.”