Chernin, Fox team on comedy pitch

Story follows middle-school kids transformed into adults

Peter Chernin’s production company and alma mater 20th Century Fox are sharing some laughs.

Chernin Entertainment and Fox are teaming on a comedy pitch by scribes Adam Cole-Kelley & Sam Pitman that revolves around a group of middle-school kids who find themselves transformed into adults. Story follows the hilarity and chaos that ensues.

Studio intends the film to appeal to a wide range of age groups, meaning it won’t be R-rated. Working name of the pitch was “Premature Maturation,” but insiders say that won’t be the title.

Producers are Chernin and Dylan Clark, who runs the film division at Chernin Entertainment, which is based at Fox.Cole-Kelley and Pittman are repped by WME and Management 360.