Un femme, un mystere, un poster.

The 63rd Cannes Film Festival unveils its official poster this week, and once again the fest takes its annual image into a slightly new direction.

Looking a little enigmatic, Juliette Binoche is seen painting with light, with the word “Cannes” superimposed on her illuminated artwork.

The photo was taken by Brigitte Lacombe, the N.Y.-based French photog. The fest says Binoche is an allegorical figure of cinema “who gives life to the image with a single stroke of her luminous brush.”

This year offers a variation of the Gallic phrase plus c’est la meme chose, plus ca change. A recent Cannes poster tradition has been the woman of mystery: A silhouette on a staircase (59th edition), a woman whose eyes are obscured by a black box (61st) and a B&W woman, shot from behind, inspired by “L’Avventura” (62nd).

The fest calls this a “series of heroines as representations of screen mysteries.”

Cherchez la femme.