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Attenborough lines up 3D penguin feature

U.K. paybox BSkyB inks deal with programmaker

David Attenborough, the doyen of British natural history broadcasting, will make a second 3D show for Rupert Murdoch’s pay TV platform BSkyB.

“Penguin Island 3D” reunites Attenborough and Atlantic Prods., with whom he worked on BSkyB’s “Flying Monsters 3D.”

The new feature documentary follows King penguins on the uninhabited island of South Georgia and will include underwater sequences. It will preem on Sky 3D before a theatrical release and will subsequently air in 2D on Sky Atlantic, the BSkyB web due to bow in February.

“Flying Monsters 3D,” written and presented by Attenborough, will air in the U.K. on Sky 3D on Christmas Day before a release in British Imax cinemas.

Attenborough, 84, is regarded as a national treasure in the U.K. and is known worldwide for his benchmark BBC natural history films such as “Life on Earth.”

BSkyB had wanted to collaborate with Attenborough for some time, but he only agreed when the possibility of working on a 3D show presented itself.